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Aogami 2 Nashiji (Tanaka)

Shigeki Tanaka is a young, passionate and highly skilled craftsman. Tanaka-San has gained his knife-making skill through training in Takefu, Fukui. With his exceptional craftsmanship, and unique yet traditional design, his knives offer something a bit different to the more common hammered Damascus knives.

This range is made from Blue Steel No.2, which is a carbon steel with HRC rating of between 61 and 63. This very hard steel has incredible sharpness and exceptional retention while also being easy to sharpen.

The blade is subtle in appearance with a dulled 'Nashiji' finish and clad with stainless steel to help protect the reactive carbon core from corrosion, giving this knife easier maintenance than many carbon knives. A thing of beauty with it's traditional handle.

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