Will Poulton

We've enjoyed supplying Will with knives for a few months now, and thoroughly enjoy looking at his latest creations on Instagram.

Will is a very talented Private Chef in Leicestershire, and we strongly recommend looking at what he can do.

1, How long have you been cooking?
2, What got you started?
3, Where do you want to get to?
4, What's next on the journey there?
5, What's your current favourite ingredient or flavour?
6, What's your favourite season for seasonal produce?
7, What's your favourite piece of equipment?
8, What shape/type of knife do you find yourself using the most and why?
9, How do you keep your knives sharp (e.g. stone or steel, how often etc)
10, Why did you choose The Sharp Chef?
11, What could we do better?
12, How can we get in touch and follow your progress (website, social media, emial, phone etc)?