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Japanese Kirameki Iron Frying Pan - Various Sizes


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These amazing little iron pans are incredible value for money and offer a very traditional cooking experience.

They are 100% carbon steel so these frying pans heat up quickly and evenly, making them a favourite amongst professionals and home cooks alike!

Please note, there is a very thin layer of food grade silicon on these pans. This will slowly dissolve as you use the pan, this acts as a buffer while you build up seasoning on the surface of the pan.

Please follow these instructions to get the best from your pan.

Before using these pans ensure you wash in hot soapy water with a soft cloth. We then recommend heating the pan slowly over medium heat till you see a light smoke. Add a good glug (2-3 tbsp) of high heat oil like grape seed oil or canola, then swirl around in the pan for one minute on medium heat. Let the pan cool, then drain the oil and wipe all around with a paper towel, including the outside of the pan. Repeat the process two more times using new oil.

Your new pan should be ready to use. Never heat this pan over high heat, we recommend heating over medium heat, it will get hot very fast.  We like to fry an egg in ours for the first go. After you are done using the pan, always let it cool before washing. NEVER submerge a hot pan into water, this can warp and damage the pan. Always wash by hand in hot soapy water with a soft cloth, never use an abrasive like steel wool, this can ruin the seasoning on your pan.

After washing the pan, completely dry it and wipe a thin layer of oil inside for protection against oxidization.