Molybdenum Stainless Steel

Molybdenum steel has a Rockwell rating of 58/59 HRC.

Sharpness - 3/5 on sharpness as it's hardness means it can hold a sharp edge, but not as sharp as some sharper and more expensive stainless steels, like VG10

Sharpening - 4/5 which is a very good score for a stainless steel.

Retention - 2/5 This steel isn't as hard as some stainless steels, and therefore doesn't retain the sharpness for as long, however, it is an easy steel to sharpen, so while you may need to do this more regularly, it is easy to do.

Please see our Steel Types Guide for further information to help with choosing the right knife for you, or drop us a call or email to discuss.

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