About the Sharp Chef

The Sharp Chef was established in 2017 by Chris (pictured above with Takahiro Aoki, President of Sakai Takayuki and Hiro, CEO of Japanny) and a small but merry group of passionate enthisiasts of Japanese knives and long standing members of the food community. We're based in Cambridge, UK, a place very lucky to have such a thriving food industry and community with new and exciting places opening all the time.

We focus on supplying stunning, handmade Japanese knives, stones and accessories within the UK and all of Europe.

In the time since our incorporation we have grown our specially selected range of knives with the support of our professional chef network. We also supply a strong range of supporting products such as storage, Saya (sheaths), stones and sharpening equipment, care and some kitchenware. We select our products very carefully so that we offer what people want, at good value.

We have big ideas and we're currently working with local craftsmen to provide our own specialist range of knife storage products, such as leather Saya and some other exciting developments we'll keep secret for now!

So why buy from The Sharp Chef?

  • We really care about our customers and we will do anything possible to make you happy, get in touch if you have any questions
  • We are in the UK and so are our knives, so we offer fast shipping to your home, and no import costs or hassle for you
  • Everything on our site will be in your hands between 1 and 5 working days from your order
  • We have free UK shipping on orders over £200
  • We use Royal Mail for a robust tracking and insurance service to support our deliveries, not a rough and ready courier company
  • We have worked with Professional Chefs to select our range of products, so they are tried and tested and we are confident you will find what you need in one place
  • We offer 30 day returns if you have a damaged product, or 10 days if you simply change your mind
  • We can also access many more knives and products than we have on the website, so if there's something you think is missing, please let us know.

At the end of the day we love what we do, and we want you to love our products and our service. We work very hard to improve all the time.

We are a registered company in England and Wales as The Sharp Chef Ltd, registration number 11072291.