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How to choose a knife

It's a good idea to ask yourself the following questions:


Do I want a knife that requires little maintenance, or am I prepared to put the time in?

You really want to be looking at the type of steel when you buy a knife, as the level of maintenance to keep your knife in top order can differ. Check out our 'Steel Types' guide for more information, but in short;

Stainless steel knives like VG10 are more resilient to rust and corrosion, but require a bit more sharpening to retain the sharpness of the blade so bear in mind that you should brush up on your sharpening options and skills.

Carbon steel knives like Blue #2 are superbly sharp and retain their sharpness brilliantly, they are renowned as the sharpest blades so require less sharpening, but they are more susceptible to rusting. You will need to brush up on your care guidelines and invest in oil and a rust eraser to keep the knife in good order.


'What am I going to use the knife for and how many do I need?'

We really advise that you read the 'Knife Types' page here to work out what you are going to use the knives for, and how many you need. Of course if you buying one a good all-rounder is the place to go, so a Gyuto or Santoku would be a good place to look, but if you are looking for more, you should choose these based on what you do most in the kitchen.