Stones and Sharpening

It is very important to keep you knife in top condition, and using a steel each day when you get your knife out, even if you just swipe 10 times on each side, will help to keep you knife sharp. Stones are fantastic for returning a dull knife to it's former sharpness, or for keeping your knife as sharp as it can possible be.

Sharpening stones can appear complex, but are really quite simple. With a range of grit typically between 6000 (for regular sharpening (or finishing) of an already sharp knife) and 200 (for sharpening a very blunt knife), it's easy to chose the right one, especially with a double sided stone of two types, and we have a guide you may wish to use to help you choose:

How to choose a stone

You may also fin this guide on caring for your knife useful:

How to Care for your Knives

We also stock a sharpening guide (or degree adjuster) to ensure you get the right angle of contact when sharpening your blade on a stone.