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Tojiro DP 150mm Petty (Fujitora)

Tojiro DP 150mm Petty (Fujitora)

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The Blacksmith - Tojiro

Tojiro offers excellent quality knives on a more modern higher volume scale by mixing modern machinery with traditional techniques. This achieves amazing quality, especially for the modest price, with levels of sharpness and durability aimed at professional kitchen use.

The values instilled in Tojiro's production, coupled with the value for money make them a no brainer. A very full range of excellent knives should offer you everything you need.

The Range - DP Fujitora

This is the go-to range if you want quality and performance on a budget. The out of the box sharpness and quality ir pretty much unrivalled for the price point and the exceptional build quality means these knives will last a life time and are very easy to maintain. 

The Steel - VG10 Stainless Steel

This range is made using VG10 stainless steel. VG10 is the perfect mid-point in stainless steel offering amazing sharpness out of the box, excellent retention and easy maintenance. 

The model - Petty

Petty knives are a smaller blade mainly used for chopping herbs, veg, or perhaps even filleting a fish. A vital knife for when a Gyuto is too big. Blades are normally between 120mm and 150mm


Saya and Blade Covers that fit this Knife: Our wooden 150mm Petty knife Saya fits this knife. You can also use the 150mm plastic blade guard.


Knife Type: Petty utility knife
Steel Type: DP Cobalt Alloy Steel
Blade Type: Double-edged blade
Blade Length: 150mm 
Blade Height: 24mm
Blade Thickness: 1.8mm
Handle Length: 106mm
Weight: 90g


Please read our guidance pages below to help you make the right choice and make the most of the knives you choose or get in touch with us and we'll happily discuss and help you find the perfect knife for you. 

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