Our Blacksmiths

We have selected 6 major Japanese blacksmiths to work with as the Sharp Chef. Below is a short biography of the blacksmiths and their heritage and style:


Sakai Takayuki:

Without doubt the most prominent Japanese blacksmith with over 600 years of history. Based in Sakai, Osaka Prefucture the technology and method used to create these beautiful pieces remains unchanged, and true to the traditions of the blacksmith.



Specialising in Damascus steel, these knives are handmade by Mr Yoshinori Seto. Damascus steel has exceptional edge retention, sharpness and is stain resistant, making these knives, aside from their beauty, a fantastic choice for any chef.


 Shigeki Tanaka:

Shigeki Tanaka is a young, passionate and highly skilled craftsman. Shigeki Tanaka has gained his knife-making skill through training in Takefu, Fukui. With his craftsmanship and radical yet traditional design, his knives are loved by people all over the world.


Misono combines traditional methods and standards with modern technology to produce extremely high quality knives aimed at top chefs throughout the world. These super durable, superbly made knives represent a true quality knife for life.

Yoshimi Kato:

Yoshimi Kato is the Son in Law of Hiroshi Kato, one of the greatest masters of this craft, the blacksmith behind Masakage knives and teacher to many, including Yoshimi Kato and none other than Yu Kurosaki. Yoshimi Kato takes over from Hiroshi Kato (who has retired) at Masakage, and makes his own knives too. 

Made with the upmost traditions, painstaking methods and keenness for quality, Kato knives are absolutely stunning and a perfect gift for any chef or keen cook.



Tojiro offers excellent quality knives, handmade using traditional techniques with levels of sharpness and durability aimed at professional kitchen use.

The values instilled in Tojiro's production, coupled with the value for money make them a no brainer. A very full range of excellent knives should offer you everything you need.