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Hatsukokoro Kurosagi Blue Super (AS) Kurouchi 210mm Gyuto

Hatsukokoro Kurosagi Blue Super (AS) Kurouchi 210mm Gyuto

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These stunning knives from Hatsukokoro are handmade with a Kurouchi finish. Kurouchi translates as 'Blacksmith finish' and essentially retains some of the surface after forging giving the blacked, rougher finish by the spine.

The knife is finished by hand and has a beautiful cutting edge.

Aside from beauty, the performance is awesome too. Blue Super steel is used in this range which is a superb performing steel favoured in Japanese knife manufacture. As a carbon steel it can corrode, so a little extra maintenance to keep it clean and dry is required, but for that small additional effort you unlock the true potential of the incredible sharpness of this steel. Not only can Blue Super achieve a sharp edge, but it retains that sharpness superbly while also being easy to sharpen when needed.

The Gyuto is a multi-purpose, large bladed knife that you can use for almost everything. Typically these are light strong knives which range from 180mm to 240mm normally (although sometimes longer), with 210mm being the most common and popular size due to it's sweet spot of length for larger tasks but excellent agility. Longer knives tend to be used more for high volume tasks in professional kitchens where 240mm and even 270mm are popular. 180mm is popular for smaller home kitchen tasks too.

The blade profile is great for cutting in a rocking type motion. If you are looking for one knife, this is the most versatile.

Knife Type: Gyuto
Steel Type: Aogami/Blue Super
Blade Hardness: HRC 62-63
Blade Type: Double edged blade
Blade Length: 210mm
Blade Height: 46.1mm
Blade Thickness: 3.5mm
Ferrule Material: Buffalo horn
Handle Material: Walnut
Handle Length: 144mm


Do not use the knife to chop hard materials such as bones or frozen items unless the knife is made for that specific purpose. Always ensure you keep your knife clean and dry, and sharpen it as required to prevent a dull edge.

If in doubt, give us a shout

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