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Octagonal Knife Handle - Wenge with Buffallo Ferrule

Octagonal Knife Handle - Wenge with Buffallo Ferrule

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These lovely traditional Japanese knife handles are made from Wenge wood, a wood with excellent properties to allow it to last well under use with water, heat amd general wear and tear. It has a Buffalo horn Ferrule. 

There are 2 sizes:

Medium will fit Santoku, Nakiri, Bunka and Gyutos up to 210mm

Large will fit knives of 220mm to 270mm blades. 

The tang of the blade is inserted into the handle and secured with glue. The common method is to insert the glue to the hole in the handle and heat the tang of the knife with a blowtorch then insert. The glue will melt around the tang and secure the blade when cooled. Silicone can be used to seal the entrance. 

Please note it is sometime necessary to file the entry hole to widen it if the blade has a larger than average tang. 

If you would like this handle fitting to one of our knves please get in touch with us using 

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