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Seisuke Hamono

Seisuke Hamono Blue 2 Kurouchi 180mm Bunka

Seisuke Hamono Blue 2 Kurouchi 180mm Bunka

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The Blacksmith - Seisuke Hamono

Seisuke Hamono is a Japanese knife brand with shops in Tokyo and Portland (USA). Their knives are produced by different blacksmiths, each specialising in a different range of knives. 

We have carefully selected some of the best ranges offered which all sit at superb price-points offering excellent value for money

The Range - Aogami 2 Kurouchi

The gorgeous blackened finish on these knives is retained from the forging process and, in addition to the stainless steel coating these knives have on top of their Blue #2 carbon steel core, provides a protective coating on the surface of the knife. 

The Steel - Aogami (Blue) 2

Aogami 2 is an excellent mid-point carbon steel giving a wonderful combination of performance and value for money. It retains very well and is easy to sharpen.

The Model - Bunka

Bunka knives are similar to a Santoku in blade proportions, but have a more angular tip, often referred to as a K tip, or Kiritsuke. 

They make excellent all round knives as they are versatile due to their curved cutting edge and shorter blade length. They are an excellent alternative to the more common Gyuto, chef's knife shape if you prefer a shorter blade.


Saya and Blade Covers that fit this Knife: Our wooden Bunka knife Saya fits this knife. You can also use the 180mm plastic blade guard.


Knife Type: Bunka
Steel Type: Blue 2 Carbon Steel (reactive)
HRC: 58-61
Blade Type: Double edged blade
Blade Length: 180mm (7.1")
Blade Height: 45mm (1.8")
Blade Thickness: 4mm (0.2")
Handle Material: Walnut(With Double Red Pakka wood)
Handle Length: 128mm (5")
Weight: 155g (5.5 ounces)


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