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Takamura Chromax Hammered 170mm Santoku

Takamura Chromax Hammered 170mm Santoku

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Takamura Hamono became a forerunner in developing the best quality stainless steel knives available and has since spent 60 years perfecting their blends. 

A Takamura knife is made to some of the highest standards and performance is second to none. Reputed as laser sharp performers, their knives' unmatched cutting performance is recognized not only throughout Japan, but by famous chefs worldwide

Chromax is a new steel developed by Takamura. It's a bit of a hybrid of stainless and carbon, bringing together the benefits of carbon performance (with an HRC of 64/65 and performance similar to Blue #2) but semi stainless (which means it's less susceptible to corrosion than normal carbon, but you do still have to keep it clean and dry). Clever. 

Similar to a Gyuto chef’s knife, the Santoku offers a large light blade with a taller profile and a flatter belly, making the knife excellent for a more ‘up and down’ chopping motion for meat, fish or vegetables. Blades vary from 160mm to 180mm. This is a great knife if you want an all rounder with shorter blade and a good weight to it. 


Knife Type: Santoku
Steel Type: Chromax Steel
Blade Type: Double edged blade
Blade Length: 170mm (6.7")
Blade Height: 45mm (1.8")
Blade Thickness: 1.7mm
Handle Material: Black Pakka wood Handle
Handle Length: 120mm (4.7")
Weight: 119g (4.2 ounces)


Do not use the knife to chop hard materials such as bones or frozen items unless the knife is made for that specific purpose. Always ensure you keep your knife clean and dry, and sharpen it as required to prevent a dull edge.

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